The author of the “The Master Healing Plan”, Yasmine Marca is a Nutrionist (CNC), Naturopath , BCDNM, and Certified Traditional Tribal Healer with almost forty years of experience in Nutrition, Healing and Naturopathy.


Being a Nutrition Consultant wasn’t what I had planned for my life.  It was out of sheer desperation to save my own life that I embarked on this long and arduous journey.

At the age of eighteen, while in college,  I found two tumors in my breast.  I was a junk food junkie.  I was young and naïve.  It never occurred to me that good nutrition had anything to do with good health. I felt helpless, fearful, and terrified.

I made an appointment with our family physician who performed an unsuccessful needle aspiration in his office. When that wasn’t successful, he ordered emergency surgery to have the tumors removed and biopsied.  That too was unsuccessful because he only removed one tumor and left the biggest one intact.


Are you the right Nutrition Consultant for me?

I am passionate about helping people in their journeys of self-healing and wellness.

I have thirty-nine years experience in consulting with thousands of clients from all ages with various health conditions and concerns.

I have witnessed dramatic clinical results from my clients.

Please read the Testimonials in my website to find out what my clients said about my services and how I have helped them.

I believe everyone has the innate ability to heal and to regenerate given the right set of tools. Only you can take charge of your health.

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