Being a Nutrition Consultant wasn’t what I had planned for my life.  It was out of sheer desperation to save my own life that I embarked on this long and arduous journey.

At the age of eighteen, while in college,  I found two tumors in my breast.  I was a junk food junkie.  I was young and naïve.  It never occurred to me that good nutrition had anything to do with good health. I felt helpless, fearful, and terrified.

I made an appointment with our family physician who performed an unsuccessful needle aspiration in his office. When that wasn’t successful, he ordered emergency surgery to have the tumors removed and biopsied.  That too was unsuccessful because he only removed one tumor and left the biggest one intact.

When I questioned him about this error, he refused to admit that he made a mistake, and tried to convince me that he removed only one tumor because the biggest tumor dissolved before he could remove it.  He had no desire to take responsibility for his surgical mistake.  Four months later, I found another physician and had the second tumor removed.

The following year at the age of nineteen, my health worsened.  I had developed eighteen more tumors in my breast, a uterine tumor the size of a grapefruit, boils on my face,  my left kidney had shut-down, I had arthritis in both hands, liver pathology, problems with my heart, my pituitary, my thyroid, my adrenals and my pancreas…

I went to see a new physician.  She suspected that I had cancer. She said I was in such a bad shape that she didn’t think I’d live another six months. She gave me the name of an oncologist to see.  She explained to me the procedure the oncologist would follow. It included more cutting, chemotherapy and radiation.

Sitting in my car in the doctor’s parking lot, I was shaking with fear. I heard a still voice speak to me. I heard, “You are what you eat. You created this by what you have put into your body, and now you have to recreate a new body”!  Immediately I made the decision not to go to the oncologist. I’d figure it out myself.

That was exactly what I did with the help of a retired chiropractor.  Six weeks later, I got rid of all the tumors. It took longer to regenerate the other organs in my body. It required work and discipline. As time went on, my health improved greatly, until I was well.

It has been many years since that time, but it has brought me to the culmination of my book The Master Healing Plan. In this book, I share thirty-nine years of experience and knowledge about methods of self-healing.

The body is an incredible instrument that given the right set of tools is able to heal and regenerate, as long as the immune system has not been compromised with excessive drug use or other invasive therapies.  Anger, bitterness and unforgiveness are the only things that will stop the healing process, no matter what.

This website was created to inspire you to take charge of your own health.  Only you can make that change.  I hope that it is a blessing to you.

To your health,

Yasmine Marca

CNC, Board Certified Naturopath, Certified Traditional Tribal Healer