How I Work

Following the belief of natural methods of healing, your body has the innate ability to heal itself. My program consists of several steps in helping you restore optimal health and well-being.  These steps are:

  1. Evaluation through initial consultation
  2. Allergy testing using Kinesiology
  3. Interpret blood results from a physiological, rather than pathological standpoint, so that I am able to see the predisposition to a disorder before it becomes a disease.
  4. Hair analysis
  5. Individually designed organ and immune system rebuilding programs

Initial Consultation

This meeting is to assess your health status and to determine if  you are a good candidate for alternative methods of self healing.  I’ll explain what my program entails, potential strategies necessary in order to accomplish your goals, what to expect,  and what is expected of you.


After the initial consultation, various testings may be recommended.  The testings include, but not limited to:

Allergy Testing  Undetected allergies put a drain on your immune system. I use applied Kinesiology to determine food incompatibility. I wear vinyl gloves to block myself from interfering with accurate testing. I test for over 290 food items,  and some other products in a single session. It’s painless, no skin scratch techniques are used, and it is very accurate.

Blood Testing  Many answers to otherwise obscure functions of the body are readily available from the blood, provided you are able to understand what it is trying to tell you.

Physiological vs. Pathological

I approach blood ranges from a physiological standpoint rather than the traditional pathological standpoint of Western medicine. Blood ranges are calibrated from a standpoint of what is true optimal health.  Pathological ranges are the ranges you see to the right of your blood test results. These are ranges that are wide and averaged out by the blood labs for the sick general public. The blood test results I get are calibrated for optimal health. This is an in depth analysis, not just a list of readings and ranges.

It includes a comprehensive 1½ hour session where I explain to you your blood results and the interrelationships they show between all the organs of your body.

Calibrate and Interpret Blood Test Results

I have a one of a kind computer program designed to calibrate and interpret blood test results based on a physiological profile rather than the standard pathological ranges used by the traditional medical community.

Predisposition to Any Disorder?

This information allows me to see a predisposition to a disorder before it becomes more serious. I order special blood tests most physicians ignore or aren’t familiar with. Special programs and detoxification recommendations are derived from the blood chemistry, and hair analysis results.

Hair Analysis  Hair analysis tells you what is going on in the body on a cellular level. It will indicate heavy metal poisoning if you have heavy metal toxicity. You can see the predisposition for health issues that is not yet showing up in the blood.

Individually Designed Organ and Immune System Rebuilding Program

The health status of some people requires an individually designed Organ and Immune System Rebuilding Program to get their health back on track.  Client suitability pre-screenings by phone are available at no charge to ensure this program is right for you. This program includes:

  • Balancing the body to enable its self-healing
  • Teaching you how to correct common mistakes that can contribute to illness
  • Lifestyle orientation training that includes eating according to your metabolic type (metabolic typing supersedes blood typing), food combining rules for better health,  and why pure water is important, etc.
  • Detoxification and cleansing protocols. Enemas may be required. (Don’t be squeamish, they aren’t bad after you get used to them.)
  • Custom protocol of premium grade and professional strength supplements for rebuilding and regeneration based on blood test results, metabolic typing, hair analysis, applied Kinesiology and a specific supplement schedule for your needs

Get The Master Healing Plan to learn more about the self-healing methods or call my office at 303-799-7755, Monday through Thursday to take the first step towards health and well-being.

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