Monthly Workshop

After thirty-nine years in business, I have chosen to begin short workshops on a monthly basis in order to answer questions concerning nutrition and health issues that I believe would benefit many people. This decision was precipitated by the number of phone calls I receive on a daily basis concerning questions that require answers to a variety of health problems shared by many. Although I am not in a position to dictate how one should handle his/her health, I am in a position to educate you concerning certain conditions you may encounter.

The seating will be limited so that anyone with questions will easily be able to get their questions answered without having to compete for a response. Each workshop will last approximately one and one-half hours and up to two hours. You will be required to sign a release (if you have not already signed one as an existing client) stating that you understand I am not a physician or a psychologist nor am I representing myself as one.

The cost of each workshop will be $75.00. If you come to a workshop, I will offer each attendee a 10% discount off of their next supplement order. You do not have to be an existing client to attend the workshop. In addition, if you reserve a space and cannot make the workshop, we will rollover your reservation to the next available workshop. The workshops will be at a different location than my office.

The first workshop will be on June 23rd, 2012. Please make your reservation no later than June 16th by calling my office at 303-799-7755. When you make your reservation you will be informed of the specific location of the workshop. We accept most credit cards or you may send a check in advance to:

             Body Balance Healing Center

            12835 E. Arapahoe Rd., Tower 1, Suite 350

            Centennial, CO 80112