What My Clients Are Saying

I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer (high stage 3) December 30, 2003. I had surgery to remove the growth, followed by 6 treatments of chemotherapy.  I got through the treatments with minimal side effects. I still have neuropathy in my feet from the chemotherapy, but it is manageable and without too much discomfort most of the time.

After my treatments, low and behold, in a little magazine published by our home owners’ association, I saw this ad Yasmine had regarding her services. I decided to check it out, especially since it was so close to my home.

When I went there, I noticed a lot was going on. I saw her storeroom of supplements and I asked her assistant some questions about what it was she did.

I was given an information packet and decided to make an appointment with her.

When she found out what I had been through, she highly recommended that I go through a cleanse and an immune-building program. I went through the program and was having follow-up appointments with my oncologist every three months. My CA-125 number kept going down. The doctor was thrilled and so was I.

I had my blood tested every three months for three years. Finally, the doctor told me I didn’t need to come back for six months. For two years I had repeated blood tests every six months. Now I go only once a year. The doctor said I am one of the few that has not needed any follow up chemo since the beginning.

Because of the knowledge and care Yasmine gives me and the Grace of God, I am still very much alive, not just living. I am living a good life.

Doris B.