Yasmine’s Detox and Protocol Healed My Severe Eczema

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From the age of five to age eighteen, I suffered with eczema all over my body. I was going to doctors and constantly being treated with cortisone creams and a variety of drugs.  As time progressed my condition worsened. The drugs were not helping. They were making my liver toxic and my immune system weak.

While I was getting my silver fillings removed, I met a woman at my dentist’s office who had suffered with a similar skin disorder from age five to age twenty-five. She referred me to the woman who helped her. It was Yasmine.  By the time I came to see Yasmine, I was desperate and in pretty bad shape. I had scabs from scratching myself bloody all over my body including on my face. They were not small scabs; they were big and bulky scabs. I was full of pus and had infections everywhere. I was itching constantly and generally miserable.

At the time I was working for a national firm and was the top sales person in the U.S.  My condition was serious, and I was so uncomfortable about the way I looked that I had to quit my job. I could not bear calling on clients with scabs all over my face and body.

Yasmine looked at my blood and hair test results and immediately put me on a detoxification program followed by a supplement protocol. Part of the program was regular detoxification that included a parasite program. With each cleanse there was decisive improvement in my skin as I saw worms released from my body. I drastically changed my diet, staying off of foods I was allergic to. The itching ceased. I was no longer scratching myself bloody. The scabs dried up and fell off with no new scabs.

One day I went to Yasmine’s office and she was in shock because she said she had no idea I was so pretty. It was the first time she had seen me without all those scabs on my face and body. I had stopped being mad at God. Instead I surrendered to prayer and asked for help, and I feel God sent Yasmine into my life. Yasmine was very patient with me and always there to answer my questions.

Tina B.

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