Yasmine’s Protocol Helped Heal My Sinusitis

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When I first met Yasmine, she commented that I would have a pretty face if I didn’t have swollen, puffy cheeks and deep dark circles under my eyes. My sinusitis was obvious. I had unsuccessfully been trying to treat it with antibiotics, sinus irrigations, herbs, vitamins, and chiropractic care for over a year.

I began working with Yasmine and soon began a seven-day cleanse, followed by an extremely restricted diet for one month, and a parasite-detox program. I was able to maintain a diet of only fresh fruits and vegetables for a month. My health improved dramatically each day. An acquaintance in an art class with me asked for Yasmine’s phone number because she was amazed by my improvement.  Yasmine subsequently helped this woman to carry her first child to term after previously having several miscarriages.

Over time my sinuses healed completely. The inflammation receded and I could finally breathe through my nose again. Killing off the parasites has improved my overall health and energy level. I rarely ever get sick now.

Yasmine has helped me with other health issues over the years. I have a tendency toward dysplastic cervical cells. When I received a positive pap smear, Yasmine designed a diet and supplement regime specific for my condition. When I returned for a repeat pap 3 months later, the results were negative.

Elisa A.

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